The (Lead)Technical Specialist is responsible for promoting efficient and consistent engineering processes and standards within the relevant field and to provide technical support for other departments within the field. He or she provides temporary and, where necessary, operational support in the area of responsibilities for projects within the Engineering department.


  • Receives the department objectives for him/herself from the Technical Manager.
  • Provides technical support to colleagues who are involved in the development or elaboration of standards.
  • Takes measures and actions to arrive at standards within the field.
  • Consults with others about the standards to be made.
  • Checks and proposes standards for release.
  • Evaluates the application of standards over time and follows up on this evaluation (learning cycle).
  • Makes proposals for improvement of the engineering end products and technical concepts and takes care of implementation.
  • Functionally ensures that standards, processes, knowledge, etc. are consistently applied within the engineering projects.
  • Provides solicited and unsolicited technical advice to engineering projects and all other technical departments.
  • If requested, could temporarily take over the position of Team Leader, Lead Engineer or Technical specialist in the relevant field.


  • Knowledge at the level of Bachelor degree in Engineering.
  • At least 7 years of relevant work experience.
  • Extensive knowledge of yacht building, engineering processes and some knowledge of business aspects.
  • Knowledge of and experience in the use of AutoCad
  • Knowledge of and experience in Cadmatic is a plus